Design of a shop for the conversion of waste from the mining chemicals industry into marketable products (80,000 t/year)
2021— present
Implementation period
a group of private investors
Planned result
  1. Processing of landfills generated from phosphoric acid production
  2. Cleaning the territory from production waste
  3. Production of additional marketable products, such as fertilizers
  • for regulating phosphate content in soils
  • for chemical amelioration of solonetzic soils
  1. Development of technology for the dehydration, granulation, grinding, packaging, gas purification, and transportation/logistics
  2. Study of the process and selection of technology for the processing of mining chemicals landfills
  3. Exploring alternatives with regard to the stationary and mobile equipment
  4. Audit of the industrial siting of the equipment linked to the terrain and resource supply networks
In progress
  1. Defining the requirements for the design and working documentation
  2. Development of the design and working documentation for the calcium sulfate (dihydrate) dehydration system