About the Company
Chemical Leaders is a multidisciplinary engineering and project management company in the oil, gas, and chemical industries.

With their vast experience, our experts provide modern and cost-effective solutions for the various needs of your business, regardless of its size, complexity, or location.

Chemical Leaders' success model encompasses streamlined work processes, attention to detail, technical expertise, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, safety, and quality.

We carry out our work with pride and quality, focusing on helping customers profitably conduct chemistry business.

Chemical Leaders performs the full cycle of work on the implementation of investment projects: from developing a business idea and design solutions to reaching the design capacity and real-time control of its operational stage.

The company is also engaged in improving the efficiency of existing companies, including those in serious condition.
Our team
30 Years of Experience in the chemical industry, economics and finance, marketing and sales, investment and asset management
  • design and construction of chemical industry production facilities: sodium chloride, magnesium oxide, calcium chloride, etc.
  • project management in the design of the technology for hazard class I and II waste management facilities
  • technology upgrades of HPFs (Hazardous Production Facilities)
  • bringing operating HPFs at major chemical enterprises in line with industrial safety requirements in accordance with Rostekhnadzor directives
Technical Engineering Division
  • conducting comprehensive analyses of the global and local markets for chemical products
  • development and implementation of the marketing and sales policy for new and existing products
  • building a business from scratch and expanding it according to the business plan
  • development of concepts for new products, creation and registration of own brands, launch of products on the market
Commercial Division
  • creation and management of the country’s first private food certification testing center
  • implementation of projects to create new production plants "from business idea to commissioning" and investment projects from scratch
  • leadership and participation in research projects (RFBR [Russian Foundation for Basic Research], VNII IREA [Kurchatov Institute], etc.)
Administrative Management Division
  • project financial planning and budgeting
  • investment and financial analysis of projects in various industries
  • business planning and factor analysis
  • development of effective management solutions based on work experience both in finance and directly in production
Financial Planning and Analysis Division
Chemical Leaders collaborates with Rusfond (Russian Aid Foundation). Rusfond is one of the largest charitable foundations in Russia. It was created in 1996 as a charity program of the Kommersant Publishing House to provide assistance to people writing desperate letters to the Kommersant newspaper.
From the very beginning, for 20 years already , the founders of Chemical Leaders have been supporting Jazz Province, the unique one and only "itinerant" international annual festival in the history of world jazz.