Conducting a financial and technical audit of a chemical enterprise
Implementation period
a group of private investors with an asset portfolio of $500 million
Completed works
  1. Conducting a technical analysis of the current state of the main technological and other production equipment with the identification of potential risks and weaknesses
  2. Conducting a visual and documentary analysis of the technical condition of the main capital construction projects
  3. Checking the documents for compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements, developing proposals for revising the documentation to bring it in compliance with the requirements
  4. Conducting a study of the technologies used, inspection of the current state of the production facilities’ machines, mechanisms, and equipment
  5. Developing an action plan to optimize the technologies used and the operation of the main technological and other equipment
  6. Analysis of the implementation of the investment program and the enterprise’s fixed production asset management programs for the period from 2018 to 2020 (inclusive); identifying the reasons for non-fulfillment and recommendations for adjusting the future periods’ investment program and fixed asset management programs
  7. Conducting an assessment of energy costs, including the development of cost reduction proposals
  8. Developing recommendations on technological and organizational/technical solutions to achieve the required production parameters in terms of reaching the design capacity
  • technology and equipment
  • buildings and structures
  • industrial, fire, and radiation safety
  • labor and environmental protection
  • emergency prevention and response, civil defense
  • transportation and logistics quarry
Consolidated expert forecast of operating costs and capital expenditures through 2023 based on the approved investment programs
Comprehensive report of recommendations by area