Project to build granular ammonium sulphate production of 50,000 tons per year
Implementation period
a group of private investors
  1. Developed and streamlined the technology of granulation and packaging of ammonium sulfate according to consumer requirements
  2. Selected process equipment that meets the product quality requirements during production
  3. Reached agreements with consumers and built sales channels from large agricultural holdings to medium-sized agricultural producers and small firms
  4. Developed a version of the project based on long-term cooperation with a major producer of raw materials, which allows to significantly optimize costs and increase the profitability of the project
  5. Developed a business plan for the project
Completed works
Advantageous for transportation
Using while maintaining the required quality
A project to build production of mineral fertilizers in granular commercial form as part of developing the area of mineral fertilizers for the agrochemical sector based on ammonium sulfate