Design of the process area of 4 complexes for the disposal of hazard class I and II waste
Implementation period
large state-owned companies
Udmurt Republic, Kirov Oblast, Kurgan Oblast, Saratov Oblast
Formed products
  • Non-ferrous and rare earth metals (commercial products)
  • Mixture of salts: chlorides, nitrates, and sulfates (technical salt — product for obtaining individual salts, mineral fertilizers, and anti-icing agents)
  • Purified water (to meet the company’s own needs — circulating water)
  • Metal oxides (bulk material for the manufacture of road surfaces)
  • Acid/alkaline waste disposal line
  • Chromium waste disposal line
  • Cyanogen waste disposal line
  • Organic waste disposal line
  • Chelated waste disposal line
  • Copper/ammonia waste disposal line
  • Silver waste disposal line
  • Solid waste disposal line
  • Tubular and compact bulb disposal line
For each facility, 9 process lines were designed in a three-story layout